Mind Therapy Clinic case managers help clients... 

  • Organize themselves around managing time, medications, emotions, schedule, making and keeping appointments
  • Maintain one’s personal living space from cleaning and laundry to paying bills, managing money, grocery shopping
  • Ensure effective hand offs and cross-communication between other treatment and professional providers for medical, legal, vocational, and other therapies
  • Build life skills by setting goals and creating plans to achieve them, monitoring progress, evaluating progress, providing encouragement, coaching, and mentoring—all done in a very hands on way
  • Avoid crises and resolve urgent situations through thoughtful intervention, regular communication, urgent consults and symptom management and monitoring
  • Keep on track by facilitating regular attendance at key appointments, college classes, recovery/12-step groups, job interviews, or work
  • Many clients of the Mind Therapy Clinic need extra help to translate their learning in psychotherapy and groups into direct action in the outside world. Often clients cannot articulate some of the obstacles they encounter when trying to enroll in classes, complete banking, apply for jobs, or even do their laundry.

Our case management team members provide hands-on coordination, advocacy, assistance, support, monitoring, and coaching to help clients initiate and execute both everyday tasks as well as the bigger projects they have heretofore been unable to take up in a full way.