Trauma-focused Psychotherapy Treatments 

As a diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Campbell has cared for victims of physical trauma in the emergency departments of Sonoma County for over 30 years.

With a private practice in Marin, he now specializes in trauma-focused psychotherapy. By combining evidence-based approaches with methods derived from somatic psychology, he helps survivors of adult as well as childhood trauma process the long-term effects that trauma can have on the mind and the body. 

For those coming to the clinic for help with addictions and self-harming behaviors, he addresses the role that trauma plays as a trigger for such behaviors. Processing and integrating mind/body memories of trauma plays a key role in interrupting the addiction/self-harm cycle.

Dr. Campell has served on the teaching faculty at USCF, Stanford and USC medical schools. During the last five years, he has assisted training programs for the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute as well as the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute, teaching trauma therapy skills to Bay Area clinicians.


Why I joined Mind Therapy Clinic's Center for Trauma 

I joined the team at Mind Therapy Clinic to offer trauma-focused, body-centered psychotherapy.  I am drawn to the clinic’s treatment model which brings together multiple practitioners, each with a unique skill set to meet the varied needs of the clients we serve. I believe a setting where there is such collaboration and coordination of care is not only beneficial for the clients but for the providers as well!

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What Dr. Campell's clients say

David is an excellent therapist. His warm and calm demeanor creates a safe and welcoming environment... David is one of the best.

At the beginning of each session, we establish what my goals for that session will be.  He then skillfully keeps me on track by helping me remember what my original intent was.  With David's ability to be attentive to every stage of the session, I'm able to access body sensation, through somatic awareness, that then helps to release the traumatic memory or trigger that I'm working on.   David's brilliance as a therapist is his ability to be 100% present, a compassionate witness and focused practitioner who doesn't waver from the original goal of the session.  Those qualities allow me to fully integrate the experience in a healing and safe way.  I have worked with several good therapists over the years.  David is one of the best.  - C.L.