In this group, Carol Dietrich, an experienced psychiatric and drama therapist will use tools such as drama, art, and other creative modalities as aids in examining one’s inner self and to promote therapeutic change.

Experiential Psychotherapy involves actions, movements, and activities that allow participants to experience successes, identify obstacles, develop improved self esteem, and take greater responsibility for their actions. Members experience “real time” feelings of the complexity of situations through creative activities.


At first I was skeptical... It was truly remarkable how effective, challenging, and frightening...

I was fortunate to work with Carol Dietrich while I was an out-patient for anorexia. At first I was skeptical to the idea of drama therapy, but went along with the program and created my masks of my own eating disorder and mask of compassion. It was truly remarkable how effective, how challenging, how frightening that experience was. Facing your own demons physically and being able to work out some of your most deepest emotions is no simple task.  I am grateful for the experience that Carol challenged me with and helped me conquer. I would highly recommend drama therapy to anyone in need.”

— Ami, former client



Carol Dietrich, RN, LMFT, RDT


Tuesdays 11:30am to 12:50pm 


240 Tamal Vista Blvd., Suite 160
Corte Madera, California 94925

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