Intensive therapy may be right for you if...

If you suffer from:

  • Complex mental issues

  • Addiction

  • Depression

  • Compulsions

  • Hesitant about attending residential treatment

This unique form of treatment at Mind Therapy Clinic in Corte Madera and San Francisco allows individuals to participate in intensive therapy while living in the community or at home.  This psychiatric intensive outpatient program (IOP):

  • Is somewhere between residential and outpatient treatment

  • Participants live locally

  • Includes intensive therapy, including individual, family and group therapy

  • Involve family, supportive friends, and community members as a key factor in holistic growth, balance and wellness


Mind Therapy Clinic's IOP.

Our skilled clinicians and client community provide the opportunity for you to to quickly practice new skills and strategies  gathered in treatment. Practicing new ways of thinking and coping help to  incorporate them into your daily life. Mind Therapy Clinic’s brain experts and researchers together with compassionate clinicians specialize in the treatment of complex mental issues and addiction.

IOP meets either three or four days a week, which is determined when the clinical staff craft a customized treatment plan with you.  In individual, group and family therapy, clients work to discover new communication skills, determine and strengthen coping skills, practice stress-reduction techniques and gain new tools to shift unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns

Find out if IOP is right for you?

Do you frequently have suicidal thoughts or harm yourself in non-suicidal ways?
Have you tried working with an outpatient doctor or therapist and find that is isn't enough address your struggles?
Were you recently discharged from an emergency room for suicidality and feel you need more support or therapy?
Were you recently discharged from a residential treatment center and want to continue your personal recovery journey?
Do you have addictive behavior keeping you from approaching your life goals?
Do you want to remain in an independent living situation while experiencing an intensive level of therapy?
Would you like your partner and family members to participate in your treatment?
Do you feel you need more coping skills for your stress, anxiety, addiction or depression?
Would you like to work with skilled clinicians to craft a treatment plan that's tailored to your needs?
Are you willing to practice new skills and techniques in a supportive community?

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