Individual and Family Systems Psychotherapy 

 Dr. Jesse Rentz (PsyD) is a postdoctoral psychology intern at the Mind Therapy Clinic. He received his degree and training in Psychodynamic Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). In addition, he has a Masters in Family Therapy (MFT) from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. He integrates his knowledge of relational Psychodynamic therapy, Family Systems and addiction to provide a holistic approach to individual and group psychotherapy.

He has extensive experience providing Individual therapy to adults and teenagers suffering from anxiety, depression and addiction, as well as helping wounded families and couples, who are suffering from painful emotional issues, to reconnect.

Supervised by Claudia Perez, PhD.  PSY 11522

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Jesse Rentz, MFT, PsyD, postdoctoral Intern

Jesse Rentz, MFT, PsyD, postdoctoral Intern