His ability to listen, process, and use a combination of scientific research and a pure gift for healing is unprecedented an amazing!

-current patient

Dr. Schiller is a Yale and University of Chicago trained psychiatrist who has been a leader in the development of technologies that provide an objective and effective basis for guiding psychiatric medical treatment.

He continues his research involvement in his role as Director of Medical Affairs of CNS Response, now Mynd Analytics; he is also the developer of referenced-EEG. In addition to his work on electrophysiological technology, Dr. Schiller also focuses on the medication treatment of a broad range of difficult-to-treat psychiatric disorders. These disorders include treatment-resistant depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, adult attention deficit disorder and addiction. The latter is a focus of his work as a consultant for the Bayside Marin Center drug and alcohol program.

mark schiller, m.d., psychiatrist

mark schiller, m.d., psychiatrist

Why he created the Mind Therapy Clinic

As Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF,  Dr. Schiller was also in private practice and involved in clinical research. While in private practice, he became frustrated with lack of collaboration between other professionals when it came to providing high quality, cohesive care. It was this frustration that prompted him to develop a center that could provide cohesive care, while integrating innovative and alternative approaches.

More on Dr. Schiller 

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What his patients say.


“Mind Therapy Clinic has turned my life around. Dr. Schiller found the right medications to keep me grounded and functional long-term. Thank you so much!"

— A.E.


"As a physician, it was very hard for me to seek out therapy during a very sick crisis in my mental health. From the moment I arrived at the clinic, I felt safe and hopeful. Dr. Schiller's ability to listen, process, and use a combination of scientific research and a pure gift for healing is unprecedented and amazing. I have recommended him and the clinic to many people."

— S.C.

“My son was struggling with anxiety when we came to Dr. Schiller. The doctor understood that I had reservations about starting any kind of medications so he suggested a course of Neurofeedback. After the first ten sessions, I definitely noticed that my son was coping better and seemed to have new skills for dealing with his constant anxiety. I really appreciated how Dr. Schiller listened to my concerns and suggested a course of action we were comfortable with!”

— B.L.