Join other concerned parents to learn and practice improved communication methods, gain support and gain new tools to improve communication and promote well-being in the family.

Our intention is to help you create a safe, serene, sane and sustainable home environment. Parents with problematic offspring know all too well the stress and pain of life in a troubled family dynamic. This group will provide approaches to find recovery and health for all family members, interrupt cycles of relapse and loss, bring into focus overlooked family members, help burdened marriages and promote peace in the home.

Designed for parents of troubled teens or stuck young adults (sometimes as old as 40) who struggle with:

  • Substance abuse or addiction including marijuana
  • Depression, anxiety or other mood disorders
  • Attention deficits or other concentration problems
  • Trauma-related or recent severe losses
  • Failure to launch, inability to use skills or resources
  • Adverse effects of divorce, suicide or long-term illness
  • Refusal or inability to make use of help, (oppositionalism, defiance)


Kenneth Perlmutter, PhD


2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings
7:00 - 8:30pm


240 Tamal Vista Blvd., Suite 160
Corte Madera, California 94925

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What our clients say about Kenneth.

This is an excellent approach for families who have a loved one in treatment.

"This experience showed me how to be in connection with my daughter and my family and the kinds of tools I need to stay connected. It felt great to finally get all my difficult feelings out in a safe environment.”

— A dad


Kenneth’s teaching regarding the “wounded family” truly was one of the best tools

"...for our growth and spiritual healing I’ve ever experienced. The work was delivered perfectly with some fun and a sense of humor. I highly recommend him to ALL families, even if you don’t have an addict! The entire group bonded beautifully and I feel we made many friends and have a new support system. Thank you!”

— A mom

I understand more about the commonalities of families struggling

"...with a family member with mental illness, and I see more clearly how we all fit into the equation. I see the path for my own recovery and the importance of putting the focus on connection versus monitor or fixing.”

— A sister