Outpatient Services We Offer

Mind Therapy Clinic offers an integrated and innovative outpatient program for adults experiencing difficulties with:

  • Attention, concentration, task completion

  • Depression, anxiety or other mood problems

  • Separation/individuation difficulties

  • Eating disorders

  • Family crises

  • Interruptions of efforts to establish direction, follow a plan or launch beyond the family of origin

We engage our clients to make their growth, their health and their sense of self the number one project in their lives through our outpatient services:

  • Psychiatric evaluation

  • Pharmacological treatment

  • Individual psychotherapy and family therapy (weekly)

  • Medication management (bi-weekly)

  • Case management and life skills support (weekly)

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) when requested and as appropriate

  • Group therapy program(afternoon/evening up to 4 sessions per week)

    • Mindfulness-based psychotherapy

    • DBT/STAIR skills

    • Dynamic psychotherapy groups

    • Other customized groups based on milieu needs. See available groups on the right.

Suite of integrative and technology-informed methods to enhance outcomes  

Our clients have access to a suite of integrative and technologically-informed methods to enhance treatment outcomes, reduce anxiety, improve medication prescriptions, manage moods and reduce substance cravings or relapses that include: