Psychological counseling for Families with complex issues

Kenneth has dedicated his career to improving the lives of individuals and families experiencing complex psychological and emotional problems including addiction and trauma.  He is a nationally recognized behavioral healthcare expert and educator.  His family workshops have offered hope and healing to more than 3000 struggling family members, and his lectures and training sessions have been attended by hundreds of clinicians.  Dr. Perlmutter's theoretical model of family system trauma and its inter-generational transmission, Stress Induced Impaired Coping™ (SIIC), has gained wide adoption and benefitted patients, parents, students and clinicians.  In his forthcoming book, Dissolving Fear, Dr. Perlmutter explains "How Changing Beliefs and Embracing Connection Will Transform the Way We Parent, Partner, and Treat Wounded Family Systems," the book's subtitle.  

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David B. Campell, MD

Kenneth speaks about his work-life purpose 

“I have dedicated my career to improving the lives of individuals and families experiencing addiction or mental health difficulties and the associated physical, economic, interpersonal, and spiritual disorders so often involved.”

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Groups Led by Dr. Perlmutter
Multi-Family Parent Group

Thought Leadership  
Dissolving Fear - Changing the Way We Engage and Treat Wounded Family Systems

Developmental Trauma and Family Systems - How trauma stress is passed down to children and burdens families

Video:  Working with Wounded Families: Sacred Presence, Counter-Transference, and the Mindful Healer

Book:   Dissolving Fear, How Changing Beliefs and Embracing Connection Will Transform the Way We Parent, Partner, and Treat Wounded Family Systems

What experts say about Kenneth. 

Dr. P is changing the way we think...

"... about and approach families: His is a voice we all can and need to hear.”

—Clauda Black, PhD, Internationally renowned addiction author, speaker and trainer

Kenneth gets it! 

"The SIIC Model combines education about addictive disease and mental illness with experiential and group therapy to guide families to acceptance and connection.”

Kevin T. McCauley, MD, Co-Founder, The Institute for Addiction Study

Dr. P’s work is original and heartfelt.

"He delivered our family workshops at Bayside Marin for more than two years. Family members, staff and our clients themselves raved about his work. I was proud to know our client families were in his hands. Much of his model remains in use at our center today."

Joe Tinervin, Executive Director, Bayside Marin and Azure Acres

Kenneth is one of the most insightful... 

“...and skilled family therapists that I have ever worked with.  His ability to weave his knowledge of addiction, mental health and family systems together with sculpture dynamics, music and poetry is masterful.  Families are in good hands when working with Dr. Perlmutter."  

Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, Thought Leader, Author, Founder Onsite Workshops, Author of Co-Dependent No More and many others


What families say about Kenneth.

Kenneth’s teaching regarding the “wounded family” truly was one of the best tools

"...for our growth and spiritual healing I’ve ever experienced. The work was delivered perfectly with some fun and a sense of humor. I highly recommend him to ALL families, even if you don’t have an addict! The entire group bonded beautifully and I feel we made many friends and have a new support system. Thank you!”

— A mom

This is an excellent approach for families who have a loved in treatment.

"This experience showed me how to be in connection with my daughter and my family and the kinds of tools I need to stay connected. It felt great to finally get all my difficult feelings out in a safe environment.”

— A dad


I understand more about the commonalities of families struggling

"...with a family member with mental illness, and I see more clearly how we all fit into the equation. I see the path for my own recovery and the importance of putting the focus on connection versus monitor or fixing.”

— A sister