Anxiety and depression treatment center with services for a wide-range of difficulties

Anxiety disorders oftentimes accompanies depression, and  can be described as general anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, and others. Treatment can vary greatly depending on the type of disorder and the individual involved.   We are a San Francisco and Bay Area anxiety and depression treatment center focusing on customizing individual anxiety treatment plans with proven and effective treatments.

Our services for anxiety treatment:

  • Psychiatric evaluation: often using brain imaging such as rEEG to guide diagnosis and medication.

  • Anxiety medication treatment: Mind Therapy Clinic’s medical staff may prescribe anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and other medications. Patients are monitored closely in order to maximize effectiveness and minimize the danger of side effects. Often EEG findings will help guide us to the most effective medication regimen.

  • Holistic treatment: Holistic treatment focuses on treatment that meets all of a person’s needs - psychological, physical, and social. In treating anxiety we combine a number of diverse, effective methods such as dietary evaluation, lifestyle changes, regular exercise, and natural supplements along with psychological treatment for anxiety to re-program the mind and body and change one's reaction to anxiety. Often we also use techniques such as neurofeedback and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

  • Meditation and relaxation therapy: Mindfulness meditation and somatic exercises such as Restorative Movement are useful modalities that can help balance and restore body chemicals to reduce anxiety and stop feeding anxious sensations to the body.

  • Group therapy and individual therapy: One of the most common and effective anxiety treatments is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and this method can be used with or without medications.


Using rEEG to guide diagnosis and medication to treat anxiety 

Imaging technologies such as EEGs (eletroencephalograms)  that measure electrical activity in the brain are used to match abnormal brain patterns with the improvements found using a specific drug or combinations thereof.

Referenced-EEG or rEEG, a technology developed by MYndAnalytics, provides the first clinically useful method of guiding medication treatment based upon identified brain abnormalities. The technology is based upon data collected from 10,000 patients treated with a number of medications and recording treatment outcomes. Because treatment is based upon selecting medications demonstrated to address specific brain abnormalities rather than on a group of symptoms, rEEG appears useful in treating a broad range of psychiatric diagnoses. Studies to date of rEEG have consistently shown 65% greater effectiveness rates than standard care in treatment of unresponsive patients.


Surprising symptoms of anxiety that you might think are something else

It's normal to worry about your family members and feel anxious before a presentation, and when these symptoms such as nervousness, panic attacks, sleeplessness spiral out of control, most people know to seek help.  But, here are some symptoms you may be experiencing that you might think are something other than an anxiety disorder. 

Muscle Pain

Do you feel chronic tension pain in your muscles from flexing them for too long? Do you clench your jaw so much that it hurts to open your mouth?  What if you don't recall getting injured or excessively using those muscles?  These may be problems related to flexed muscles which can be related to anxiety.  You may have lived with it for so long that you don't notice it anymore.  

Chronic Indigestion

Your stomach is very sensitive to stress. Sometimes anxiety manifests as irritable bowel syndrome.  If you are suffering from chronic indigestion without major changes in your diet, you might want to check with your doctor or a psychiatrist to inquire about anxiety disorder.