About Men’s Psychotherapy Group

Mind Therapy Clinic’s Men’s Group offers participants the opportunity to connect with other men with the goal of deepening self-expression and moving through the sense of isolation some men can experience. Participants will enhance their personal strengths through building relationship skills, leadership skills, emotional awareness, self-esteem, general life skills and healing in a structured, safe therapeutic environment.

The benefits of our Men’s Group include:

  • Creation of close, strong relationships that inform personal meaning and values 

  • Increased self-awareness by developing the ability and willingness to see ourselves as others see us through engagement with other group members

  • Authentic emotional expression and increasing the capacity of emotional awareness and empathy 

  • Enhanced self-esteem through authentic sharing, which creates a sense of bonding and value to self and others 

  • Learning about the role shame plays in our lives and how vulnerability enhances courage, and corrodes our sense of inadequacy

  • Strengthen conflict management skills

Facilitator: Jesse Rentz, PsyD

Group Facilitator Jesse Rentz, PsyD, uses Psychodynamic, Family Systems and Attachment theory to facilitate a safe and authentic environment in order to help group members become aware of their relationship wounds and unconscious relational processes and needs. Dr. Rentz focuses on the roles we played in our families of origin and how they impact our relationship with ourselves and others. He uses self-compassion, mindfulness and active listening techniques to facilitate safe and genuine self-exploration.


Questions about Men's Psychotherapy Group?  Ask Dr. Rentz.

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Jesse Rentz, MFT, PsyD Postdoctoral Intern


Tuesdays, 1:30pm to 2:50pm
From time to time, dates and times may change. Check the latest schedule if you are interested in signing up.


240 Tamal Vista Blvd., Suite 160
Corte Madera, California 94925



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