"The most effective results are seen when clients are engaged with their assessment and treatment. The protocol I've designed for Mind Therapy Clinic gets clients involved and motivated to create change in their own lives." 

- Ryan McKim, PsyD

Every brain is a unique puzzle of genetics, experiences, physical health, learned responses, personality, injuries and diseases. It is the role of a neuropsychologist to sort out the factors that influence how the brain is working in order to understand and explain abnormalities.

What is neuropsychological evaluation?

Neuropsychological evaluation is a way for a neuropsychologist to find out how your brain is functioning and how a problem with your brain might be affecting your ability to reason, concentrate, solve problems or remember. By acquiring information about your cognitive, motor, behavioral, linguistic, and executive functioning, we can diagnose cognitive deficit, confirm a diagnosis, or localize organic abnormalities in the central nervous system.  Neuropsychological evaluation provides insight into your psychological functioning and ultimately guide toward effective treatments and rehabilitation methods.

What is involved in neuropsychological testing?

Neuropsychological evaluation involves an interview and tests administered by a neuropsychologist.  These tests are standardized, and the scores on tests are interpreted by comparing scores to that of healthy individuals of a similar demographic background and to expected levels of functioning.  A neuropsychologist can then determine whether your performance on any given task represents a strength or weakness.  All of the data from the evaluation are reviewed to determine a pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Although we can look at scans and images of the brain, pictures do not always show how the brain is working and how the brain has been injured. By doing neuropsychological testing, we are able to see how your brain is working. These tests will also help you and your care team understand how your abilities and mood have changed that will inform the best course of therapy, treatments, and medications.

Why a neuropsychological evaluation has been recommended for you?

Some of the common reasons that may lead to a recommendation for neuropsychological testing include:  

  • Inability to sustain attention
  • Anxiety or fear
  • Atypical social behaviors and inability or difficulties in establishing relationships
  • Slow acquisition of skills  in spite of obviously being bright
  • Failure to achieve developmental milestones
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • History of drug or alcohol abuse

The evaluation is helpful:

  • To answer questions questions such as “Am I depressed or am I just tired?”
  • In better understanding of your brain’s strengths and weaknesses, information that care team can use to better treat the problems you are experiencing.
  • In providing a baseline against which subsequent evaluations can be compared.

How it is done at Mind Therapy Clinic.

At Mind Therapy Clinic, we believe in brief and comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological evaluations that can provide early detection and enable customized treatments.  We rely on the expertise of Dr. Ryan McKim, a clinical neuropsychologist and health psychologist with expertise in the assessment and treatment of substance and mood disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities (LD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), memory, cognitive rehabilitation and juvenile delinquency.

 We utilize sophisticated yet brief cognitive and emotional screening and ongoing assessment process designed by Dr. McKim to facilitate early detection and intervention of clinical issues.

This process:

  • Facilitates early detection and intervention of clinical issues
  • Tracks clients' ongoing progress
  • Provides customized cognitive rehabilitation

These tools help the clinical team tailor treatment planning for each unique individual while tracking growth and change as each person progresses through the program.

 Our clients can also receive access to customized, online cognitive training protocols designed to target their unique needs to support their recovery process.  They benefit by:

  • Being able to engage with the treatment team
  • Track their personal growth and change
  • Access customized online cognitive training  at the comfort of their home.
  • Efficient and speedy recovery




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