Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for Intensive Support and Structure

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is designed to assist clients with a primary psychiatric diagnosis requiring intensive support and structure without 24-hour supervision. For some, PHP offers an alternative or a step-down from hospital or residential programs. 

Mind Therapy PHP offers a comprehensive, short-term, intensive treatment for:

  • Serious psychiatric symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and extreme mood problems

  • Substance dependence/abuse

  • Isolation from family and friends

  • Thoughts of suicide or homicide

  • Distress tolerance

  • PTSD and other trauma related problems

  • Interpersonal conflict

Our supportive environment and program promote emotional stabilization, symptom reduction and improvement of social and functional living skills.  We equip our clients with the necessary tools  to transition back into the community.

A full package of treatment services provided by a complete team under one roof

PHP services are delivered by Mind Therapy Clinic’s team composed of MD, PhD and Master’s-level clinicians who work together and enjoy being part of a team. This multi-disciplinary, integrated approach assures prompt and effective clinical communication and coordination of care.

PHP is a full-day program with clients attending 4-5 days weekly.



Partial hospitalization program designed around your needs.

At the Mind Therapy Clinic, our experts help you to address mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs during your partial hospitalization program which includes:

  • Twenty-four (24) hours of group therapy per week

  • Two individual psychotherapy sessions per week (master's level provider or higher)

  • Psychiatric medication management as needed

  • Family therapy (generally bi-monthly)

  • Case management services one (1) hour every week

Specialized services can be arranged at an additional cost, by mutual agreement based on need.