Psychotherapist Specializing in Counseling

"With her [Shea's] support, I've been able to address past traumas..."

"Working with Shea has been fantastic!"

Shea Knoss, LMFT, has over 10 years of clinical experience working with adults, adolescents and families. Her emphasis is on addiction and dual diagnosis. She's gained considerable family therapy experience by co-facilitating the family program at Alta Mira Treatment Programs in Sausalito, California. Shea integrates a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) orientation with mindfulness and a whole-person approach to wellness.

Shea begins by meeting clients in their own environment, and collaborates with them on how to work towards their goals.  

No matter what the issue, she values being a part of a client’s journey toward more self-acceptance, learning more useful ways to manage stress and negative patterns, and finding better balance in life and relationships.  She understands that it takes courage to be vulnerable, but loves to see the positive changes and growth that emerge when one takes that leap.

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Why she feels passionate about the Mind Therapy Clinic. 

I love interacting with families and facilitating positive communication and dynamics. I am particularly passionate about how our emotions respond to our environment and seeing what we are able to accomplish with the strength of our mind and spirit.  


What her clients say.


Working with Shea has been fantastic!

“Mind Therapy Clinic has turned my life around.  Dr. Schiller found the right medications to keep me grounded and functional long-term. Working with Shea has been fantastic!  She's helped me work through a lot, pointed me in the right direction, and supported me in improving my mental health over the years.  Thank you so much!"

— A.

With her support, I've been able to address past traumas...

“I enjoy working with Shea and look forward to my session with her each week. She is remarkably kind, insightful and has a gentle but deft style of helping patients. She helped me nurture the aspects of myself that allow me to be successful and make my life so much easier. With her support, I've been able to address past traumas and integrate new strategies to manage and reduce my anxiety and attention issues. She's had an immeasurably positive impact in my life and I'm a better person as a result of my work with Shea.

— A.