Individual therapy at the Mind Therapy Clinic is designed around your needs by some of the best psychologists in the field who've dedicated their lives to helping people overcome mental health challenges. Each therapist is trained specifically to help you with your unique issues whether they are everyday concerns such as stress and relationships, or more complex diagnosed mental conditions. Your therapy is determined by you and your therapist. 

Because you may need more intensive care from time to time, these therapies can be integrated with the Mind Therapy Clinic's Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and Trauma Treatment Programs at any point in time during your treatment.    

We utilize evidence-based, scientific approaches to healing because we believe our clients deserve the best treatment possible based on the latest objective findings.  Our team of highly skilled medical doctors, nurses and doctoral- and master’s-level specialists integrate a wide range of services to carefully design treatment plans and guide you through the entire journey.  Because our mission is the same as yours - to help you heal and move toward more productive and healthy lives.

For optimal results, your individual psychotherapy may be combined with:


Individual therapy helps adults struggling with: